Police search Jordan River for a clues to solve a 12-year-old missing person cold case

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Salt Lake City Police scour the Jordan River after getting new information about a 12 year old cold case.


Earlier this month dive crews searched the Jordan River for signs of Aletha Williams. When that turned up nothing, detectives took their search to the sky. They were hoping with the low levels of the river they'd have a better chance of finding something, but after several hours the search was called off.


Still Aletha's family is confident there's something out there that will lead them to their loved one.


Rick Martin, Aletha’s stepfather told ABC 4 Utah, "They know something, they obviously know something. We're out here so obviously I hope it leads to something and get whatever happened and if somebody's done something to her hopefully they'll get him."


Aletha was six months pregnant when she went missing and that’s just one reason why her family says something must have happened to her, because she wouldn’t be gone voluntarily for this long.


Police aren't giving up much information about what brought them out to the Jordan River except that they have some solid leads. They tell ABC 4 Utah several people have information they've been holding on to years that they've finally brought to police.


Detective Cody Lougy explained, “As time passes their alliances change, their hearts are softened, they feel bad about maybe what they know or what they've seen and so they tend to do the right thing and step forward."


Still police and Aletha's family are asking anyone with information that could help with this search to come forward.


"Whether good or bad give us some closure so that we might be able to get over this and get passed this and bring her home, bury her, whatever. If anyone knows anything please come forward,” said Aletha’s sister Lovoina Ortega.

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