Police: Capitol suspect pushing to legalize marijuana

- LAYTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – The Utah Highway Patrol is revealing more about the motivation behind a bizarre case that unfolded at the State Capitol Tuesday.

Investigators say Gerald Green, 36, of Layton drove his Toyota Tacoma up the steps of the Capitol and tried to force his way into the Supreme Court Chambers to push for the legal use of marijuana in Utah.

That’s exactly what officers say they found in Green’s home when they executed a search warrant Wednesday morning.

"The warrant revealed a hydroponic marijuana grow inside the home," said Captain Tyler Kotter, with the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Officials aren’t saying how many plants they found inside, but because of the threat the operation posed to the neighborhood, hazmat crews were called in.

"To make sure that all of the potentially hazardous materials from a biological grow from inside the house were taken out of the home," said Kotter.

It all started Tuesday at the Capitol, when surveillance camera's caught Green driving up the steps, parking at the top, strolling through the building and trying to kick his way into the Supreme Court Chambers.

Neighbors say they are shocked to learn what was going on so close to home.

"We had no idea, just absolutely no idea. I would never expect that from him, so it's kind of sad," said neighbor, Brenda Oveson.

"He was just a nice guy. Always said hello, very polite, he'd have his son every now and then," said Derek Miller, neighbor.

In addition to the charges for the incident at the Capitol, Green is now facing drug charges.

He is in custody, but is still being checked out at a hospital before he's booked into jail.

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