Pleasant Grove police arrest woman found with 7 dead infants in home

- PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -- A 39-year-old woman was arrested this weekend after police found the bodies of seven infants in her residence.

Investigators close to the investigation told ABC 4 Utah that 39-year-old Megan Huntsman was formerly known as Megan West and was arrested this weekend in West Valley City. That source also says Huntsman allegedly admitted to police that all seven infants were connected to her.

A $6 million cash only bail has been set for Huntsman. $1 million for each count of murder.

According to a probable cause statement, Huntsman either strangled or suffocated the babies immediately after they were born.

On Sunday, the quiet Pleasant Grove neighborhood spoke up about Huntsman, who lived in the home at 536 E. 200 North until 2011.

According to information released by Pleasant Grove Police on Sunday, officers responded to the woman's home Saturday after they got a report of a dead baby in her residence.

Police say they got the initial call from the woman's ex on Saturday. The caller was helping family members clean out the garage when they found a "suspicious box" that had a "pungent smell," according to Capt. Michael Roberts.

"They open the box to find out what was inside, to find what appears to be a deceased infant," Roberts added.

Police said the infant appeared to be full term. They then got a search warrant and found six more infant bodies in cardboard boxes.

"It was basically just the remains," Roberts said. "So these kids were just placed in a box and then put in a spot in the garage."

"I can't fathom why somebody would do that or how they could do that," Roberts added.

Police say Huntsman gave birth to the children in a 10-year period from 1996 to 2006. It appears the woman gave birth to the children and then killed six of them, police say. A seventh baby appeared to be still-born.

"Knowing that one of my neighbors was able to do this to her kids, what would have happened if she got a hold of my kids?" neighbor Aleisa Fugal said.

Kathy Hawker, another neighbor, was shocked.

"We were very concerned because yesterday (Saturday) we saw four or five police cars, and they just camped there all day," Hawker said.

"I wonder what possessed her to do that," she added. "I don't know what would have possessed her to do that, but she must have had her reasons."

Huntsman moved out of the home in 2011, leaving her three girls who range from 14 to 21 at the home. Huntsman was booked into the Utah County Jail on six counts of murder.

A source tells ABC 4 Utah that the Utah County Attorney's Office is reviewing the case, and Huntsman could be in a courtroom as early as Monday morning.

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