Out of state group threatens to sue Utah cities and counties over gun laws

- SANDY, Utah- (ABC 4 Utah) – Municipalities across Utah are taking a second look at their gun ordinances to make sure they are in line with state law.

Sandy City Council amended ordinances to make it legal to carry a gun at city parks and other recreational facilities.

The changes were already in the works, but a letter from a national group threatening to sue the city sped up the process.

The Second Amendment Foundation is taking aim at local gun laws state by state.

"We go in and do some research on city and county codes and figure out which ones are in violation of the state's preemption law," said Second Amendment Foundation Legal Council, Miko Tempski.

When they find what they are looking for they send a letter threatening municipalities with a lawsuit if they don't align with state law.

"If state law says it's ok then you should be able to carry wherever the state law says it's ok. And we don't want this patch work of regulation in various cities," said Tempski.

Utah is the seventh state targeted by the group.

They sent out 49 letters in our state, so far 11 municipalities have responded.

Sandy city is one of them.

"Any language within our code that said you can't carry in certain areas is unenforceable, we've just removed that language, because the state determines that," said Communications Director, Nicole Martin.

Places like city parks, trails and other recreational facilities.

The changes to Sandy's code should take effect in about a week.

Good 4 Utah Facebook followers are weighing in on the conversation.

Britney Shea said: "I think it is fantastic! Go sandy city! The people have a right to protect themselves and others."

Jessica Marie Nebeker has a different perspective: "Truthfully I’m not ok with people carrying their guns around the city. I believe people have taken the second amendment too far."

State law does allow cities to limit the use of guns, so even though you can carry one at the park, it is still illegal to fire it.

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