Orem mom upset with PacSun T-shirt display files criminal police report

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - We first told you Monday about the Orem mother so upset with a PacSun T-shirt display she considered inappropriate that she bought every shirt in the store. Today we followed up with the city attorney to find out if the store's display violates any law or decency code.

It looks like Judy Cox will have to hold on to those PacSun T-shirts a little longer. The Orem City Attorney has referred her to the police department instructing her that she'll have to file a criminal report before his office can even investigate.

Orem is family city USA,” said Cox. That’s why she was so shocked when she saw the display of nearly nude women on T-shirts in the window of the PacSun store at the University Mall Saturday.

"It's front and center,” explained Cox. “Spotlights in the display are on these images and I just wasn't okay with that."

So she bought up every single one of the store's "Visual by Van Styles" T-shirts, spending $567 so no other woman, mother or child would have to see them.

"There are going to be people who are going to make fun of what I’ve done and I’m okay with that,” said Cox.

Her story certainly has people talking. After Kimberly Nelson’s report aired Monday, it's been picked up by media outlets all across the country and from websites like Gawker and Yahoo news. Some of the viewers have criticized Cox for giving the company she's so upset with business, but Judy says she's not giving them a dime - at least she's not letting them keep it.

Cox told ABC 4 Utah, "I'm not going to provide income for PacSun they have a return policy and I’m going to take advantage of that as soon as the promotion is over."

We went to the city attorney's office to see if the PacSun display violated the state's indecent public display law, which state that public displays can't include nude or partially denuded figures. That means anything less than completely and opaquely covering the genitals or buttocks, but the city attorney says it's not up to him just yet.

Orem City Attorney Greg Stephens told ABC 4 Utah, "We explained to her that if she thought someone violated the criminal code then she needed to make a complaint at public safety, that they would investigate it and then refer it to the city attorney's office or the county attorney's office for potential charges."

Cox said she did file a report, but hasn’t yet heard back from the police department.

She tells ABC 4 Utah even if this investigation goes no where she is proud that she stood up for what she believes in and hopes other women in the future will follow her example.  

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