Nursing moms protest school principal's request to ‘be discreet'

LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Outraged mothers protested, Thursday, after public school authorities asked a breastfeeding mom to be more discreet or leave the lunchroom.

"It's nothing to hide," said one protestor.

These women are exposing more than just their body parts.

"We're here to spread awareness of breastfeeding and that it's normal," said Andrea Scannell, the woman whom authorities confronted.

Mount Logan Middle School feeds more than 600 people each day. The federal Summer Food Service Program provides families a chance to feed their children for free. Scannell says she was doing just that.

"A worker came up to me and handed me a sealed envelope," she said.

The mother of two opened it to find a letter from the school principal. In it, he says he would not want his child “exposed to public exposure” and asks Scannell to find a more discreet way or place to feed her baby.

"I was totally caught off guard. I hadn't seen anyone looking uncomfortable…” Scannell said.

Now, upset moms say it is time for societal norms to change.

"I know moms that will sit in the car when it's a hundred degrees outside and nurse, or just not leave until their husband gets home, because they don't want to have something like that happen," explained Jennifer Henson, a protester.

Others agree the letter was a bit harsh but say these women are milking the attention for all it is worth.

“I just really feel like at the end of the day, have some dignity. Show some respect for other people around you,” said Kristen Scott, another mom who regularly utilizes the summer lunch program. "They're still your private areas, and it's still something small children don't need to see," she said.

District authorities say they do understand that the law allows the women to continue feeding their children.

“We would hope that she would be more sensitive of the needs of those around her," said Marshal Garrett, Logan City School District’s Superintendent. “We only have three more days left of the summer lunch program, so we'll have to see what happens next week,” he said.

Principal Mike Monson—who wrote the letter—says he certainly respects these women's rights and was only responding to complaints. Monson declined the opportunity to make any official statements.

To see Monson’s full letter, click the following link:

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