New law will help clear the air by improving infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations

- SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – It's a great day outside today, but we all know just how nasty the air quality can get around here during an inversion.

Most of the pollution comes from vehicles, but a new law should help cut down on emissions.

Kent Shelton recently traded in an old gas guzzler for a Nissan Leaf.

"This car has allowed me to get into a new car and not spend any more money than I was spending on my 1997 Honda Accord," said Shelton.

No oil, no gas and no emissions.

That's why the 100% electric car is considered one solution to our air quality troubles here in Utah.

"If we can make it convenient for them to go about the Salt Lake Valley doing their business using an electric vehicle that is part of cleaning our air," said Mayor Ben McAdams, (D) Salt Lake County.

The county installed a charging station for that very reason, but that's one of only a few pay to use stations, which can be a big challenge for electric car owners.

That's where House Bill 19 comes in.

Signed into law last week by the governor, it will improve infrastructure by cutting through bureaucratic red tape.

"House Bill 19 states very clearly an electric car charging station is not a public utility," said McAdams.

That means more organizations and businesses can install them without being regulated like one.

Shelton hopes that will lead to more charging stations.

That way he can keep passing by the pump, in most cases anyway.

"I stopped at a gas station yesterday, because I had to use the bathroom. I don't know, I don't even pay attention to the price at the pump anymore," said Shelton.

For a list of charging stations follow this link:

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