New bill to be introduced for Attorney Generals Office

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) -  Attorney General Sean Reyes has only been in office a week after John Swallow stepped aside. 

Republican State Senator Todd Weiler of District 23 says enough with the scandals and has a bill that will solve most of the state's problems. The bill that will be introduced next month could come down to your vote in November.

It comes in the wake of a scandal that broke out not very long after John Swallow took office.

The Attorney General's Office became scrutinized, allegations began to surface against Swallow and his predecessor Mark Shurtleff.

The two were cleared by the Department of Justice, but the state continues to investigate.  

The investigations stem from allegations of bribery and extortion. Even hiding campaign contributions through a non profit group. 

Swallow is accused of hiding contributions from payday lenders and using the money for attack ads against opponents of his and the payday industry.

“It's the if you give me money I’m going to be the next attorney general, you will have someone that will be able to help you out. It's called a pay to play type of allegations," said Senator Weiler.

The Senator has devised a bill that will eliminate voters from electing the Attorney General.

“We would have a bipartisan panel screen all the applicants, recommend 5 names to the governor. The governor would pick one and that person will be confirmed by the state senate,” said Weiler

Democrats, Republicans and Independents will serve on the panel. The appointed official will serve one term that may last six-years.

Senator Weiler adds, “I think people are going to see that we have an appointed attorney general and people are going to see that it is working and it is better than the one we elected before or two.” 

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