New allegations against Stericycle claim the medical incinerating company is burning radioactive waste

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – Renewed calls from concerned citizens in North Salt Lake to shut down Stericycle, the medical waste incinerating facility.

Wednesday concerned residents, as well as health and environmental advocates, came out with a new video they say includes a video of a former Stericycle employee who says when he worked there he not only put radio active material in the incinerator, but also put way more medical waste than was recorded.


In an interview with Enviro News USA the anonymous former employee said, "Some were radioactive. Like the chemotherapy type stuff, so we would put that on the scale and we'd scan the one that's not radioactive chemo. So they'd burn it."


The alleged former Stericycle employee also claims that while he was there he not only burned radioactive material, he put more waste in the incinerator than was documented. A regular occurrence, that he claims, the bosses encouraged.


Enviro News editor in chief Emerson Urry who interview the anonymous former employee told ABC 4 News, "He said that from direct orders from his supervisors they would be told in certain circumstances to only scan 1 out of 3, 4 or 5 waste bags and they would sometimes be ordered to manually walk up and throw these waste bags over the hopper and into the incinerator so they wouldn’t be weighed, scanned or declared at all.”


These new allegations infuriate those concerned citizens who already question why Stericycle is still being allowed to operate after their numerous violations.


Bradley Angel with Greenaction said, "Where's been the enforcement about the apparently egregious and potentially criminal violation the state has caught this company doing? Rigging the tests of what they're putting in and then measuring the emissions, submitting false reports."


They’re asking once and for all that Stericycle be shut down.


“Our families and our children have had enough. No more miscarriages, no more stillbirths, no more cancers,” said concerned resident Alicia Connell. “I'm not, I wasn't an activist, if wasn't an environmentalist. I had no idea. I thought this state was protecting me and my family and I have found out otherwise."


ABC 4 News contacted Governor Herbert’s office and his spokesperson promised that an investigation into these allegations will take place.


Spokesperson Marty Carpenter said, "The governor is serious about clean air and we expect good corporate citizens, when we give someone a permit and tell them they have to operate within these parameters we expect them to do that and if we find that they're not then we'll certainly take corrective action."


Stericycle also tells ABC 4 News they plan to investigate the allegations. Jennifer Koenig, Vice President Corporate Communications for Stericycle wrote, "While we take seriously and review any claim of deviation from our operating procedures, we believe many of the claims made in the interview are not feasible due to the numerous monitoring systems and procedures in place, the contractual arrangements we have with our customers, and the regulatory oversight at the North Salt Lake facility.  We are, nonetheless, undertaking our own investigation of the allegations."


Residents say if Stericycle isn't shut down by next week they plan to have a massive protest in front of the North Salt Lake plant next Thursday, September 25th at 6pm.

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