Miller Moths attack Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - It's a moth invasion! You've probably seen them, we've seen them and they are flying around everywhere.

The moths are becoming more abundant and are only going to increase in numbers.

There are two types of moths that we are seeing out there, generically named Miller Moths. Scientist at Utah State University say they will be around for a few more weeks.

We first took notice of this from you, our viewers on social media. 

Raft tweeted Good 4 Utah's Jason Nguyen and said "about-two-dozen-plus came flying out of a car" he was working on.

Scientist say what we are witnessing is a cycle of life.

"I had one, I had my computer open at night and it came in and
Landed on my head and my computer because of the lights," says Emily Goold.

The two types of moths that we are seeing are Cutworms and Armyworms and they form what scientist call Miller moths. Most of the moths we are seeing are from the Armyworm family.

"Aren't they supposed to be around farm lands? I feel like they are normally the short time ones, I'm not use to them being in the city a whole lot," said Melissa Elder.

The abundance of Miller moths are because of a mild winter in Utah. The warmer temps allowed larva to eat different types of crops like wheat and sprouts.

In the spring the caterpillars formed pupae or a cocoon. Now we are witnessing the moths spread their wings as they mate and lay eggs.

"It is kinda funny to see a bunch come out of no where," Elder added.

Scientist at Utah State University Extension say these moths won't hurt you, they are harmless.

If you have a moth problem the university recommends you physically remove the moth. But don't worry too much because they should all die off in the next few weeks.

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