Millcreek residents take another shot at incorporating into their own city

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - 86 percent of Salt Lake County is already accounted for, but what to do with the remaining unincorporated areas is a hotly contested issue.


Mayor Ben McAdams wants to see the areas brought together into one far-reaching city, but thousands of Millcreek residents are fighting back saying they want to become their own city and be able to govern themselves.


Millcreek residents are giving it one more go. Friday hundreds of petitions with nearly 5,000 signatures were dropped off as part of final filing to begin the incorporation process. The group of Millcreek residents want to do what they failed to do in 2012, incorporate Millcreek into it's own city.


Petition organizer MaryAnn Matheson Strong told ABC 4 Utah, "I cannot count how many people have come to talk to me and said we regret that we didn't vote yes in the last election."


Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams has his own plan for Millcreek, as well as the remaining unincorporated areas of the county. "I truly believe that to the extent that we continue to divide our community and fracture our communities along boundaries it hinders our ability to have high quality services at the lowest possible price,” said McAdams.


In order to create one city out of the rest of county's unincorporated parts of the county Mayor McAdams has to change state law. He announced Wednesday proposed legislation that would remove the requirement for city boundaries to run contiguous to each other. It's a plan that just doesn't make sense to Millcreek resident Kent Murdock.


"I don't imagine that the people of Magna want to pave streets in East Millcreek,” said Murdock.


But it's more than just taxes Murdock and Matheson Strong say Millcreek wants to govern themselves and elect officials who represent them. Under McAdams plan he would stay county mayor and also be the mayor over the new city with the help of a municipal council.


Murdock said, "I thought it was time to take responsibility to govern ourselves and that's why I voted for it last time and that's why I’ve been getting petitions and helping this time."      


Matheson Strong said, "It's like Thomas Jefferson said, ‘the government closest to the people is the government that governs best.’"

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