Mass gay and lesbian wedding reception

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - It’s a seesaw battle between gay and lesbian couples and the state of Utah.

"I feel like agency or moral agency is a god given right and I feel they should be able to choose if they want to have that type of ceremony available to them. That’s not my call," said John Shelby, a member of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter-Day Saints.

"After we have been able to get legally married it has made a difference. How is it different? Because we have been validated," said Clyde Peck, who was recently married and is a member of Restore Our Humanity.

The validation was short for many of the same sex couples. On Saturday evening a mass gay and lesbian reception was held for those who were married.

Michael Aaron with Q Salt Lake says: "The state has never recognized their marriage and for 17 days they did."

The reception wasn't just to celebrate the marriages. It was to help aid the court battle ahead.

"The state pledged two million dollars towards this fight. We as Restore Our Humanity are not asking the state to pay our legal fees. We are paying those on our own," Peck added. 

Paying those bills have already mounted up to half a million dollars and is expected to raise to a million by the time the two sides head to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.


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