Man accused of using children for sex and drug deals is arrested

- SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes believes children and schools in our state are safer today than they were just a few days ago.

That's because a man accused of using children in sex and drug deals is now off the streets.

Law enforcement agencies were on the trail of Victor Rax, 42, for about four years.

He was arrested Tuesday, about five months after the Utah Attorney General SECURE Strike Force got involved.

"Right here in the Salt Lake County Jail, finally a man is imprisoned physically who has imprisoned people metaphorically before," said Chief of Law Enforcement, Ken Wallentine.

Investigators say Rax preyed on illegal immigrants, threatening to report children and their families to immigration officials if they did not meet his demands.

"He was involved in trafficking teen boys for sexual purposes, some of these teen boys he would then turn into drug mules for him. Selling drugs in their schools, high schools, junior high schools," said Wallentine.

He's facing charges of aggravated human trafficking, possession with intent to distribute drugs and sexual exploitation.

Right now there are cases with three individual victims, but authorities are working with others that could lead to more charges.

They also believe there are more victims they don't know about.

"If you are a victim of human trafficking our first question is going to be how can we help you, we are not going to be asking for your immigration status," said Wallentine.

Rax is one of more than 200 people to be arrested by the SECURE Strike Force.

It’s a collaborative effort among law enforcement agencies that provides an embedded prosecutor from the AG's Office.

Representative Brad Dees, ( R ) Ogden, introduced the legislation back in 2009 as a solution to immigration enforcement.

"The vision I had at that particular time is we could be more cooperative across the state in catching criminals in these particular areas, heinous crimes, if we worked better together," said Dees.

House Bill 100 threatens the way the SECURE Strike Force operates.

It proposes a separation between prosecutors and law enforcement.

It was scheduled for a committee hearing Thursday afternoon.

If you or someone you know may be a victim of Rax investigators would like to hear from you.

The number to call is: 801-281-1203

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