Made 4 Utah: Catering for the Cause

- PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - There are so many successful Made 4 Utah companies serving our community, but a Utah catering business is making a difference specifically for young adults fighting addiction.

The work inside the Catering for the Cause kitchen makes more than just food, it is providing opportunities to young adults fighting addiction to learn, grow and excel at something new.

At New Roads Treatment Center, besides the usual therapy and treatments, each client goes to work, learning vocational skills

Julia Simonsen is the Director of Catering for the Cause, "We see all the negative sometimes, there is help and a way that they can get better."

With Catering for a Cause, Chef Julie teaches each client the skills of cooking. Together they cater real events and put their skills to use.

Julia explained, "It's just good to see that people can get better."

During my visit to New Roads, I met Chris. He was just a day away from graduating the program and going home after two years of treatment in Utah.

Christopher Ducanto said, "It is surreal for me, it has been a long time since I've been home. I'm moving on now."

He is nervous, but ready. Catering for the Cause may have only been one part of his therapy, but it was a huge part.

Christopher said, "Instead of doing what I want to do, I realized that I need to work with other people and that works a lot better."

Chris is just one example of success for Catering for the Cause. This Made4Utah opportunity is helping young men and women learn and more importantly heal.

Right now Catering for the Cause is making cookies for the holidays. You can order them online and the proceeds from your purchase will help more young adults who need help, go to New Roads.

To place an order with Cookies for the Cause, click here.

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