Layton City Police on the hunt for man who murdered his wife

LAYTON CITY, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - Police are on the hunt for a man they believe killed his wife last night. The department says this all happened around 11 pm Sunday night in the area of  3300 W and 1025 N in Layton. 

Police are looking for 45-year-old Joseph Castillo, a Hispanic man,  last seen wearing a green sleeveless t-shirt, khaki shorts, he is 5’2 weighing 130-140 pounds.
Neighbors say the fight happened in the garage. 

"There were screams and we jumped to the window and saw the struggle in the garage," says neighbor Nancy Prince.
Neighbors say they saw the families son desperately fighting off his father as well as trying to save his mother after she was stabbed.
"There was just a lot of commotion going on. Didn't know exactly what happened yet until I saw our neighbor trying to resuscitate her," said Prince.
As all that was going on Castillo made a run for it.
"We want him in custody. He has committed a violent heinous crime and we want him in custody as soon as possible," said Lieutenant Jason Hinojosa with the Layton City Police Department.
Other neighbors woke up to the crime scene this morning.

"It was a surprise to wake up and have all these police cars in the neighborhood and look out and see what was going on. It was our neighbor who we have known for six years," says neighbor Debie Hepworth.

"What I remember the most is she would be out here a lot playing with her kids," says Prince. "I didn't know the full story. I knew he had ran off but the son was really shook up. That's who my heart goes out to is that boy who had to struggle to try and save his mom."

Other neighbors say the family was working out problems.  Castillo was recently kicked out of the home.
"It was in March that that all happened but I've seen him around when she had been at work. He has been here to pick up the kids and stuff like that," said Hepworth.
Police say Castillo could be anywhere in Davis, Salt Lake or Weber counties. He was last seen headed North from Layton towards Clearfield but police say he has a lot of places he could hide out in.

"We don't have any indication that Joseph's only target was his wife. We don't have any indication that he is necessarily a threat to the public," said Lt. Hinojosa. 
If you have seen Joseph Castillo you are asked to call Layton City Police Department at 801.497.8300

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