Kids and Candy - A 4th of July Parade Tradition

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) When it comes to 4th of July parades - you can count on floats, bands and candy - lots of candy. Good 4 Utah decided to talk to the young candy hunters about their methods for grubbing for the goodies.

Parade candy can be tossed. It can be placed right into awaiting hands. And it can be thrown. But no matter how it is delivered - kids are waiting to grab all of it. They shared some of what they collected. "Lots of salt taffy." "Tutti Fruitti and suckers." While kids seem to like it all - they can have their parade preferences. "I like the blue raspberry ones."

And while the candy attack may look unorganized - these candy kids have a plan.
Some are about simple speed. "Go run to get it."
Others just pounce and grab."If there's lots I always try to go for it."
Some just wait for it to come to them.
And many say its all about positioning.
"Usually I just stand up front by the curb and wait for the people to throw out the candy."

No matter the approach - the kids say - the end results are always sweet.

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