Jazz to pick 5th in NBA Draft

NEW YORK (ABC 4 Sports) - After suffering through 57 losses this past season, Utah Jazz fans were hoping to land one of the top two spots in the NBA Draft and get a high-profile player like Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

They will have to settle for the 5th.

The Jazz, which had a 10 percent chance at the #1 overall pick, landed in the 5th spot after the NBA Lottery was held in New York.

"The initial feeling was disappointment that we didn't move to one," said general manager Dennis Lindsey. "But there's nothing we can do about that."

It could have been worse for the Jazz, which could have fallen to as low as the 7th spot.

While Wiggins and Parker will no doubt be gone by the 5th pick, the Jazz still could land an impact player like Julius Randle, Dante Exum, Noah Vonleh, Aaron Gordon or Marcus Smart.

The Jazz also hold the 23rd overall selection and could move up in the order with a package deal. Lindsey said the team will explore every option possible.

"We'll see if we can move up or move out via trade," he said. "I feel really good about being aggressive in the draft because that's really where you can make a difference for the franchise."

The NBA Draft will be held June 26th in New York.

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