Hundreds march for Martin Luther King Jr.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Hundreds of people have gathered to celebrate one man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Salt Lake City.

“While Martin said, ‘We are not going to continue to wait for changes to occur. We come to this place and we come to bring about change.’” said one activist. 

He is remembered in history as the man who led the charge to change civil rights.

"He gave up his life for so many people to come and do the things that we do," said Jeanetta Williams with the NAACP.

As many gathered for the Rev. France A. Davis Scholarship announcement, others wanted to celebrate the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. with a march.

The dream he had was a challenge the United States to stand up for the inequalities of minorities.

"It is very important to make everyone a friend. Not just assume they are your enemy. Sometimes it’s best to assume they are your friend and it’s ok to talk to a person. If you’re concerned bring them to the person," said Sheena Hathorn.

Concerns that still plague the generation of today. 

"Lots of human rights are popping up not just in our community but all over the world. And we were taught in school that things always hash out to become the status quo as what is right," said 16-year-old Auburn Thayer.

Many children took part in the march.  One concern young civil rights activist, Max Barnard, has is the battle of Amendment 3.

"I want to make gay marriage legal, again. Do you think that is something Martin Luther King would be passionate about? He would be happy about that," said Barnard. 

If you missed any of the events today on Martin Luther King, the University of Utah will host events until Thursday, January 23rd, 2013. 


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