How to protect yourself in case of life's unpredictable incidents

TAYLORSVILLE (ABC 4 Utah) - Would you know what items you have in your home if a wildfire or flood destroyed it?

Or something as simple as a robbery could create a hassle for people trying to remember what they may have lost. There is an easy way to help insurance companies out and to regain your property quickly and it is just as simple as documenting what you buy.

“I have records of all the stuff I own but not pictures or the value they would have now,” said Scott Bennion.

Many Utahan’s have been dealing with flooding recently. Wildfires have evacuated families. Robberies happen almost daily.

“You can't predict those. You can't predict earthquakes, you can't predict theft. These things are all things that just happen to you,” says AAA spokeswoman, Rolayne Fairclough.

That is why documenting is so important. It could save hundreds if not thousands when it comes to claims.

“If you do have an unfortunate situation, you can just simply turn that over and you don't have to try and recount everything when you are pretty upset anyway,” Fairclough added.

TVs, computers, clothes, cameras, pots, pans, and yes, even that coffee pot needs to be documented.

“A serial number will help you get a piece of equipment back,” says Fairclough. “Model numbers are also important because it shows what model; maybe that stereo in that manufacturer’s line.”

Blake Gardner’s friend was just robbed this morning. He said if it was him, he would have a hard time telling police what he owned.

“Ahhh the important stuff like my wallet and phone probably. Everything else I would have to guess,” said Gardner.

A guess, that may not be considered when making an insurance claim. It makes it vital for you to know what you have.

“It makes the claims process a lot easier and a lot quicker,” said Fairclough. “And then if you have verification of the value then you can get that value back.”

Another thing you want to do when you document everything you have is to make sure you don't solely rely on your computer to hold everything. Back it up. Put it on a cloud, put it on a flash drive, keep the information in another location or keep it in a fire resistant box.

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