Grocery Guru has a tip for collecting your coupons

It's Monday, so the Grocery Guru Ken Rosebury is back with the inside scoop on saving hundreds of dollars at the grocery store.

Grocery Guru Tips:

What you want to do is get a 3-ring binder. Get some sleeves & take the coupons that come in the Sunday paper and you drop it into the one-inch 3-ring binder.

Two sets.

In five weeks, you'll have over $2,000 in manufacturer's coupons.

Only cut out the coupons when you're ready to go shopping.

This week's feature store is Reams.

So, if you put the Sara Lee bread on your shopping list, it will tell you where the coupon is located. The coupon is $1.45.
The Fritos Corn Chips are on sale 3/$5. But with the coupon, they're 3/$1.

You've got to start with the newspapers to get the ads. It's worth it to buy the newspapers. 

You can pick up the Chef Boyardee pasta on sale with the coupon for only 75 cents a can.
We don't forget about ice cream and cookies. The snack pack cookies on sale with the coupon from the newspaper, and it will tell you where it's at on the website. You can pick up the snack packs for only $1.13.
The ice cream to go along with it is only $2.18.

You can pick your watermelons up for 20-cents a pound, and then get your soda for 90-cents a two-liter.

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