Grandmother finds her missing family members

CARBON COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A Spanish Fork family is safe Sunday, after losing their way on a road trip and camping out in Turtle Canyon.

Alma Burbano and his children were supposed to arrive in Green River Saturday afternoon.  Family members waited and waited, but the late travelers never showed up. 

 “[Family members] were pretty upset.  They had everybody in the world looking for me!” said Burbano, through laughs.

Burbano chuckles now, but family members say the situation was no laughing matter.

 “We were following behind my sister, and they got too far ahead, so we couldn’t see them anymore,” explained Burbano.

That is when Burbano made a wrong turn.

“I’m just not very good with directions, apparently,” he said.

Burbano had no cell phone reception.  The family drove their Ford Escape around Turtle Canyon, trying to figure out where they went wrong.

 “…Then decided to stop and camp because the kids were ready to start camping,” explained Burbano.

Meanwhile, Carbon County authorities had started a search party.  The Utah Highway Patrol performed a welfare check of Horse Canyon and other surrounding areas.

The happy campers had no idea.

 “If we’d have known everybody was looking for us, I would’ve come back,” explained Burbano.  

After spending the night, Burbano and the children packed up and drove back down the canyon, where they found Burbano’s own mother searching for them.   

 “It definitely could’ve been much worse, so I’m grateful,” said Burbano.

The family decided they would not allow Burbano’s wrong turn to ruin their Memorial Day Weekend.  Burbano and his kids made it to Green River Sunday afternoon.  

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