Governor Herbert signs 453 bills into law before deadline

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Governor Herbert has been very busy over the past couple of weeks. He signed 453 bills before Thursday’s midnight deadline. In years passed it was right up to the wire, but the governor has wrapped up his work - vetoing 3 bills and letting 3 others go into law without his signature.

The most controversial of the vetoed bills is HB 414. This bill would have given the Legislature stronger power to enforce subpoenas. It was passed, of course, after former Attorney General John Swallow stymied the House Investigative Committee's attempt to gather information and evidence by fighting subpoenas and intentionally causing delays.

The governor pointed out there were 11 bills passed as a result of the Swallow investigation - but this one is the only one he vetoes because he says it violates civil rights.

“Well sometimes democracy and due process is messy and sometimes a little more expensive, but we don't want to violate someone's civil rights, while it's well intended here, to get to the bottom of an issue we don't want to violate someone's rights and due process and this bill does that and that's why I vetoed it,” said Gov. Herbert.

Along with the 3 vetoed bill - the Governor did something very rare and let three bills go into law without his signature. He says he did this because he has talked to all the parties involved - and will fix these bills in special session. - which means there will be a special session. Along with these three laws that will be fixed the Governor says he will be taking up his Medicaid expansion plan that he's been working with the White House and other Governors to perfect.

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