Get a sneak peek at Yuba State Park's new zipline

YUBA STATE PARK, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -- Starting today, Yuba State Park will be offering a new recreational option for visitors looking for another way to have fun: zip-lining.

Two zip lines, one that's 650 feet lone and another at 850 feet, are open to anyone at least 8 years old and under 275 lbs. Rides are $10 per person.

"Yuba State Park is the first in the state parks system to offer an opportunity like this," says Yuba State Park Manager Cheston Slater. "We are excited about the zip lines. It was a new and different idea and we hope it adds to our visitors' recreational experience at the park."

ABC 4 Utah's Don Hudson got a sneak peek at the zip lines before Saturday's grand opening, and he a brought a GoPro camera with him for a first-person view. As exciting as the video is, it's only the next-best thing to being there yourself.

Yuba State Park is located off Interstate 15 on exit 202. For more information, visit or call 435-758-2611.

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