Former AG, Mark Shurtleff says search of his home was unnecessary and unlawful

- SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – A former Attorney General is speaking out after his home was searched Monday night.

Mark Shurtleff says agents acted rouge and out of control toward his 17 year old daughter and 20 year old son.

They were the only ones home when state and federal agents came looking for evidence.

It’s the next step as prosecutors look into allegations of bribery and extortion against Shurtleff and his successor at the AG's office, John Swallow.

"I've been waiting for more than a year, asking for the chance to come in and respond to these lies being told about me. It sounded like we were setting it up for when I got back into Salt Lake and then comes this very abusive raid on my family," said Shurtleff.

He says his two children had weapons pointed at them, were yelled at as they tried to comfort each other and were not allowed to call their mother when they asked.

"When my daughter calls me distraught, crying, my neighbor who thankfully took her in, even though she was met at the door by a law enforcement officer with an assault rifle and told she couldn't go to my daughter and hug her. That's very hard and it's very upsetting," said Shurtleff.

He says he understands the need to keep officers safe, but he insists the tactics used were appropriate for searching a drug house.

Not in this case where there has been no indication of danger or threats.

"It was absolutely uncalled for, unnecessary and I believe unlawful," said Shurtleff.

Now he wants those officers held accountable.

In a joint statement the Utah Department of Public Safety, State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI said this:

"Law enforcement personnel acted in accordance to policy and utilized the minimum force necessary to execute the warrants and ensure officer safety in an unknown environment."

Shurtleff is calling on those involved to tell the truth and insists in the end that is what will come out.

"If they decide to charge me then we will go to court, we'll go to battle. It will be a battle to the death, they will not find me guilty," said Shurtleff.

We reached out to Swallow and his attorney for comment, but they did not respond.

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