Flesh-eating drug may have made its way to Utah

WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A dangerous new drug may have made it to the streets of Utah, it's called "krokodil." It's compared to morphine, has similar qualities to methamphetamine, but it's cheaper than heroin. Those who use it often see their flesh rot away

On Janurary 30th, 31-year-old Carlos Jesus Inzunza Rodriguez of West Valley City allegedly made plans to sell 7 pounds of methamphetamine. What he didn't know is that he was meeting with a member of the Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force.

"That's a massive amount of methamphetamine," said Lt. Troy Burnett. "Wholesale it's about $80,000. If you broke it down to street value level, the value that 7 pounds in itself would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars."

After Rodriguez was arrested the FBI, along Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force and West Valley City Police raided his West Valley home. Inside they found another 12.5 Pounds of meth and what he claimed was one and a half pounds of krokodil.

"It hasn't ben tested at the lab yet, we haven't gotten any positive indication that it is krokodil, it's just concerning that he would identify it as that," said Lt. Burnett.
Krokodil eats flesh from the inside out. The main ingredients, a combination of codeine and either gasoline, paint thinner or lighter fluid. It rots a user's flesh and leaves gangrene and large abscesses all over a user's body. Some open wounds are so deep that a person's bones are left exposed.
The Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force says these drugs are coming from mexico - and that makes it even more concerning.

Lt. Burnett said, "It's very concerning for me in this area, and I'm sure every law enforcement agency in utah if we start getting this stuff, particularly from a mexican drug cartel organization, if they're looking to make money off of this stuff they have a tendency to make it in large quantities and that's just concerning to me.">

Rodriguez is being held in weber county jail on felony drug charges. He is known to have ties to a Mexican drug cartel.

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