Firefighters train at Camp Williams to take on Utah's wildfire season

CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Spring is in full bloom. That means all the green plants you see outside will become food for fire when it dries out this summer.

“Fire season is anticipated to be very busy,” said Fire Operations Specialist Terry Tilford from Moab.

Fire departments from across the state went to Camp Williams for wildfire training Friday.

“This place has had a huge history of wildfires,” said Spencer Robinson with Unified Fire Authority. “They have had fires for the last 30 years on base.”

People are the usual cause of wildfires, but they can come by lightening strikes, making these crews valuable.

“These crews are interchangeable they know how to run each other’s apparatus for the most part,” says Tilford.

The firefighters that trained this week learned how to connect hoses among the different fire trucks or a progressive hose relay. They also learned how to use a mobile attack effectively.

“The team work is awesome and it is really important that it happens because everybody has a little bit different equipment on their truck,” says Robinson.

Flames can sore two stories high and will move as fast as the wind can blow.

“We do as much as we can to mitigate that before fires actually start, so we can keep the homes and neighborhoods protected,” said Robinson.

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