Fire danger high across Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 – Utah) Fire danger remains high going into Pioneer Day this Thursday.

A dangerous combination of high temperatures, strong winds, and low humidity has lead to high fire danger across Utah. Northwestern Utah is also under a Red Flag Warning Tuesday until 10 p.m.

Of the 383 fires that have started in Utah this year, 290 have been human caused.

“We had a little bit of rain a few days ago,” said Kim Passey, Deptuty Fire Marshall.  “It was nice, cooled everything down, got things greened up a little bit. But with these south winds, they are hot winds and they will dry everything out quickly. It won't take anything at all to start a fire.”

If you plan to use fireworks, Passey has a few important reminders.

“It's a law in Utah, you have to use fireworks from Utah,” said Passey. “if you go across the border, they may tell you they're ok, but you don't have a guarantee of that and if you get caught it's a class B Misdemeanor so it can be a little bit on the pricey side for you.”

Passey also said it is important to have a bucket of water nearby. That will allow you to quickly put out any sparks, and potentially prevent a new fire altogether.

After they use the fire work, put it in the bucket, make sure it's pretty well soaked before they dispose of it,” said Passey. “Unfortunately, we have people who just do it for a quick second, think it's out, and then a few hours later the fire department’s knocking on the door because they've got a fire outside their garage.”

For information on Fire Restrictions visit here

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