FDA releases proposed regulations for e-cigarettes

WASHINGTON (ABC News) - The demand for e-cigarettes across the nation continues to grow and the Food and Drug Administration starts moving toward more regulations like who can use them.

“It’s the wild, wild west in terms of what people are doing with products evolving with no regulatory oversight,” said Dr. Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner.

They're a battery powered device that gives a nicotine buzz from a vapor.
It doesn't have the tobacco tar found in traditional cigarettes.

Thursday the FDA announced its highly-anticipated proposed regulations

If approved, E-cigarette sales would be banned to people under age 18.

A warning label would be placed on the devices a e-cigarette manufacturers would be required to tell the FDA what's in their products.

Dorothy Reno says she's a part-time e-cigarette smoker.

She and her husband, an addicted tobacco smoker, did extensive research and believe there's less harm then a traditional cigarette.

“Honestly something just pleasant about smoking the e-cigarette. It’s a little bit of cross between incense and being in a wet sauna,” said Dorothy Reno, e-cigarette smoke.

There’s intense debate about whether e-cigarettes really are safer. Proponents say they help tobacco smokers kick the habit, but opponents say they're a gateway to the real deal.

Government officials and doctors worry that the variety or flavors and colors makes e-cigarettes very appealing to kids.

“We need to understand about whether those kids that are using e-cigs are going on to use regular cigarettes as well,” said Hamburg.

These regulations would not include any restrictions on advertising. This is a booming business - analysts expected e-cigarette sales to jump to nearly $2 billion last year.

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