Famous dancers give back to Utah with 'Dancing Under the Stars' event

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - World-renowned choreographers and local dance studios are teaming up in the fight against cancer.

It is no secret that Utah dance studios breed amazing dancers. For years, hit television shows like 'Dancing with the Stars' have taken advantage of Utah's pool of talent. Now, dancers who have already 'made it big' are giving back to Utah with an event called, 'Dancing Under the Stars."

"They come back in August, and they kind of pay it forward, and we do a show," explained Kim Delgrosso, director of Center Stage Performing Arts Studio.

But this is not just any show. These talented dancers are taking their love and dedication for the art one step further. They are raising money to fight a disease that hits home for many.

"There are many people within the dance community--and within people's lives--that are suffering with cancer," explained Delgrosso.

"I actually had an aunt who passed away from cancer," added one dancer from the Making Moves dance company.

Making Moves will be dancing for the Cancer Foundation. Their choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, has already donated $1.00 for every 'letter of love' they received.

"Our dancers are going to write letters of love and put in a donation within their letters, and there will be a basket on-stage, and they will drop their letter, and the audience will also be invited to do this, and that complete donation basket will go to the Cancer Foundation," said Delgrosso.

Another big name contributing to 'Dancing Under the Stars' is Francisco Gella. The world-renowned choreographer used people reciting poetry for his unique number that will debut at the show.

"I decided I need to do something very special for this. And so I brought in a composer... He took those voices, he remixed them, and then did an original harmony and composition, and that's what I used as inspiration to create the work," explained Gella.

The dancers will perform August 22-23, at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre, starting at 8:00 P.M There will also be a pre-show featuring local dancers, starting at 7:00 P.M. In addition to the shows, the visiting dancers will teach workshops at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio on August 23.

For more information on buying tickets and/or the workshops, click on the following link:


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