Families rally, after finding ‘sexual images' in the mail

BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Families, doctors, and even lawmakers took a stand against pornography, Friday, after they found what they call ‘sexual images’ in their mail.

The large group rallied outside of Wade Family Medicine, the medical/cosmetic surgery center that sent the mailer out.  Many voiced concern for the children who saw the images.

"It's not just an issue of what's moral or what's right from a decency standpoint; it is what it's doing physiologically on their brain and the impact it may have for the rest of their life," said Troy Rawlings, the Davis County Prosecutor.

It is an ongoing issue that parents say they are tired of.

"How can this come right into our homes?” said Jennifer Brown, who organized the rally. “We haven't solicited this, we haven't asked for it,” she said.

"I just ripped it up and threw it out," said Lisa Keyes, who received the mailer and attended the rally.

That may seem like a quick fix, but experts say erasing those images from the mind is not.

"It actually changes the neurocircuitry, and the Prefrontal Cortex becomes less strong than it could have been as an adult," explained Brown.

Brown has five young boys, who she worried could have seen the mailer. Her growing concerns have led her to publish extensive research on children and pornography.

"I started working with Troy Rawlings—the Davis County Prosecutor—as well as Sen. Todd Weiler. We were able to run legislation this last session," Brown said.

Senate Bill 227 allows courts to consider whether the parent has intentionally exposed a child to pornography or other harmful material when determining custodial rights within divorces.

"Before now, there were no repercussions in the law for that," Brown added.

Lawmakers say they can only do so much because advertisers can always find a way around the law.

"The company [Wade Family Medicine] hired did it in a way where it does not meet the definition that we have in Utah for harmful material for minors, because the genitalia was covered," explained Sen. Todd Weiler.

Since then, Wade Family Medicine has apologized for the images.

“To their credit, they fired their advertising agency," said Brown.

Good 4 Utah did reach out to Wade Family Medicine, but phone calls were not returned and the clinic was closed during the rally.

Brown says she wants to share her research with anyone who is interested. She can be reached at jenniferbrown1776@yahoo.com.

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