Emergency preparedness program launches in Salt Lake County

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – Officials in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County are joining forces to help residents be prepared in the face of a natural disaster.

It's all about keeping your neighborhood safe when an emergency strikes, and the plan begins at the elementary school closest to you.

The images are fresh on our minds.

"Over the last few weeks our world has been jolted by one natural disaster after another," said Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski.

Hurricanes, flooding, fires and devastating earthquakes. Disaster can strike with no warning.

When it does, first responders are tied up with immediate needs. That's why officials are launching the Safe Neighborhoods program.

"The Just In Time kit will help community members to prepare to organize themselves, so that when emergency strikes we can more quickly and rapidly deploy, to them the resources and help that they need," said Lake Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams.

Those Just In Time kits are located at area elementary schools. They contain instructions, tools, maps, damage assessment forms and other things citizens need to organize a local command center.

"The program and the kit is designed that a lay person, with no training can come in and start providing leadership, and organization for themselves and their neighbors," said Salt Lake County Emergency Manager Clint Mecham.

Officials are also encouraging residents to have their own emergency kits ready at home, and to bring those along to the school.

"The basic message here is: Grab your kit, and walk to school. The basic concept is: Neighbor helping neighbor," said Mecham.

All 142 elementary schools in the Salt Lake Valley are designated as a Safe Neighborhoods School, and are equipped with a Just In Time kit.

To learn more about the program click here: safeutah.org

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