Community shows support for local toddler who died on family vacation

DRAPER, Utah (Good 4 Utah) -  A Draper family had to return home from a trip to San Francisco without their 2-year-old son Kayson Shelton. He was killed when a statue fell on him at Fisherman's Wharf Friday.

“It's been heart breaking, it's been a really hard thing to handle,” said Sam Delahunty Kayson’s uncle. He goes on to say “When the news hit that Kayson had passed we were just instantly in shock,” said Delahunty.

Friends and neighbors say they were also in shock but felt they had to do something for the Shelton family so they began helping with yard and housework before they returned home.

“They brought over a fridge we filled it with freezer meals and just made it for when they came home it could be as comfortable as possible, that way they didn't have to worry about the little things,” said Denielle Gates the Shelton’s next door neighbor and friend.

Gates says she knows the Shelton’s well and her kids often played with Kayson who she says was such a loving young boy. “He was the sweetest little boy so full of life and would follow his little mom everywhere it was so cute to see,” said Gates.

While the family is faced with this grief stricken moment, both gates and Kayson's uncle say it's their faith that is pulling them through. “They understand there is something more at play here and their faith is the main thing that's going to pull them through and they keep saying that time and time again,” said Delahunty.

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