'Charlee's Law' goes into effect

A law granting Utah’s epileptic children access to cannabis oil went into effect, Tuesday.  Some kids are able to start using the natural extract immediately, while others continue to wait until their batches mature. 

Isaac Sintz is still on the cannabis oil waiting list.  The eight year-old from South Jordan suffers a genetic mutation that causes more than 12 seizures a day.  His condition is called Dravet Syndrome.

"We grieved the loss of our son, knowing he's not going to learn to read or write—he's not going to live a normal life," explained Isaac’s mother, April Sintz. 

Now, the medical bills are piling up, and Isaac’s brain capacity is disintegrating.  

"He's tried several medications and has failed them.  He's tried a ketogenic diet that helps control his seizures," Sintz said. 

Nothing seems to help very much.  Now that Utah’s H.B. 105 has passed, though, little Isaac and hundreds of other children will start using cannabis oil.  Epileptic kids in Colorado have already started using the natural extract.

"At least 80 percent of the people are seeing a 50 percent [seizure] reduction,” said Sintz.  “That is more than any of the FDA medications that we're on right now," she said.

Many children started using the oil, Tuesday, but the Sintz family will not get access to it until their batch matures in a few months. 

Some families, in the meantime, will try clinical testing for a brand new drug called Epidiolex.  Sintz says she considered it for Isaac, but the more medications epileptics try and fail, the less likely those people are to ever improve.  So for now, the hopeful family will just wait.

"After we've waited this long, a few more months, we can do," Sintz said. 

In order to get access to cannabis oil, are a series of specific steps you have to take.  For more information on what to do, call 801-556-5949 or click on the following link:


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