Can Salt Lake City host the Olympics in 2026?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - It's been 12 years since Salt Lake City has seen the Olympic Games. The city has grown economically and in population. The question we have is could we host the Olympic Games again if we had to?

The Olympics is upon us. So far Sochi doesn’t look like a city that is ready for the world. Journalists have posted pictures of yellow water and shoddy construction.

“I think it is just temporary to show off to make sure there is some faculty that will function during games but I think they will not be used later,” said Russian native Dasha Bazhina.

The University of Utah student has visited Sochi many times.

“I think very few buildings will still be there. Not as comparable to Salt Lake City,” says Dasha Bazhina

After the games Utah got world class facilities, roadways, and mass transit. We have the ability to train Olympians year round. The University of Utah had work done to the football stadium and the dorms use to be the Olympic Village.

“It would be better at hosting the Olympics the second time around because we have the facilities in place that have improved and continue to extend,” says Matthew Burbank with the University of Utah.

With these Winter Olympics officials say terror threats are high. New information is coming into intelligence that toothpaste tubes will be used for bombs.

“I believe it’s very specific and credible information,” says Rep. Michael McCaul.

When it comes to safety in Sochi, Mitt Romney says there is no need to worry.

“I believe the games will be safe, but we're in a very different setting in Sochi than we were in Salt Lake City. Sochi's a very dangerous neighborhood. And there are people who have relatively easy access to a place like Sochi that didn't have easy access to a place like Salt Lake,” said Romney.

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