Campaign finance fraud accusations surface amid AG investigations

There’s more fallout from the investigation into former Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow.

One of the affidavits used to obtain a search warrant for the computer records of Swallow's campaign manager Jessica Fawson contained a startling allegation of campaign finance fraud.

Indicted St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson says John Swallow told him to distribute $50,000 to several individuals who then gave the money to Lee's 2010 senate campaign.

This technique, known as straw donations is against the law. At the time, no individual was allowed to contribute more than 4,800 to a federal candidate. Isaac Holyoak of the Alliance for a Better Utah says his group will file a complaint with the federal election commission.

“The reason this allegation is significant and isn't just Jeremy Johnson who is a criminal running his mouth off because it was used in an affidavit in order to secure a search warrant so the allegation was used as evidence before a judge and the judge thought it was persuasive enough to secure search warrants so it's definitely worth investigating,” said Holyoak.

ABC4 received a statement from Senator Lee's communications director brain Phillips saying: "At no time during or since the 2010 campaign, was Sen Lee or anyone associated with the Lee campaign aware of any unlawful contributions to the Lee campaign. The documents obtained by investigators confirm that the scheme was known only to the two individuals who may have been involved.”

Phillips also added that lee's office has not received anything from the federal election commission or the Alliance for a Better Utah and will respond if they do.

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