BYU student fears for her sister studying in Jerusalem

- PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Middle East violence in Israel is causing concern for one college student who's sister is attending BYU's Jerusalem Center.

Missile attacks and violence in Israel may seem far away to you and me, but to BYU student Elise Christensen the explosions hit close to home.

"I've never paid this much attention to Israel until now," said Elise Christensen, BYU sophomore.

Right now Elise's twin sister Emily is one of 82 students studying at BYU's Jerusalem Center, and she talks to her sister every week.

"She'll tell me about swimming in the Mediterranean, and I'll tell her about swimming in the pool complex in Provo," said Christensen.

But with rockets now being fired into southern Israeli homes Elise and Emily's conversations have changed dramatically.

"She heard sirens, they had to call security and security had to tell them to get inside, that's when they couldn't leave the Jerusalem Center, they couldn't go around," said Christensen.

ABC 4 is told during a break in violence the Jerusalem Center students travelled to the Sea of Galilee and are currently out of harm's way.

"They're really out of range, they're not in Jerusalem anymore," Christensen said.

Most if not all students are scheduled to return home in several weeks, but for Elise Christensen that day can't come soon enough.

"Hearing all this makes me want to her come back," she said.

ABC 4 is told BYU Jerusalem Center students will be returning home on December 13th.

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