Breed-specific legislation ban in limbo on governor's desk

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -- After passing the house and senate, a Utah bill that prohibits communities from banning certain dog breeds still has not been signed by the governor.

Animal rights activists were thrilled when a bill that prohibits breed specific legislation was passed by Utah lawmakers during the legislative session, but now they're concerned it may not be made into law.

House Bill 97 is sitting on the governor's desk, but after signing dozens of bills, he hasn't signed this one yet.

Temma Martin of Best Friends Animal Society is urging pet owners to contact the governor's office in support of SB 97.

"There's a lot of things pet owners can do to keep their animals from getting into trouble," Martin said. "So we want this bill to become law to protect the property rights of dog owners. ... We believe that any responsible dog owner should be able to choose any breed of dog that he or she wants."

Ten Utah communities currently have some kind of ban against a specific type of dog breed. If the bill becomes law, it will make Utah the 19th state to prohibit local governments from banning specific breeds. 

A spokesperson from the governor's office said the bill is still in the review process and declined to discuss it further.

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