Bomb threats prompt evacuations across Utah

- LAYTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Several bomb threats were phoned in to stores across the state Wednesday afternoon by callers demanding money.

The phone calls were made to a Wal Mart in Logan, a Wal Mart in Layton, a Walgreens in American Fork, a Walgreens and Rite Aid in Provo and a Walgreens in Springville.

In Layton, police said a man phoned a Wal Mart Neighborhood Market employee and demanded she load $8,000 on 16 green dot money pak reloadable debit cards. The caller then stated he wanted the employee to scratch off an area on the back of the cards to reveal the serial numbers.

He claimed a person was waiting in the store parking lot with a bomb if they did not comply with his request within five minutes.

Authorities said people likely use the serial numbers from the money pak cards to transfer funds to a pre paid credit card. Once funds are transferred to a pre paid card, they are untraceable.

Layton Police and the Hill Air Force Base Bomb Squad searched the store and parking lot after the store was evacuated. They did not find a bomb and store operations resumed shortly after.

A spokesperson for Wal Mart said they are cooperating with authorities and they hope for an arrest. As a precaution they evacuated the stores to keep their employees and customers safe.

No bombs were found at any of the stores threatened across Utah.

A national investigation is underway to determine who is behind the number of bomb threats received across the nation in the past several weeks.

Layton Police said they forwarded the details of the incident to the Statewide Information and Analysis Center for their information. Utah cases will be analyzed and compared with other cases across the nation.

No arrests have been made.

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