Blue Angels preparing for weekend airshow in St. George

ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - If you haven't seen them you've probably heard them, the Blue Angels have been soaring across St. George this week. The team is back for their second "Thunder Over Utah Air Show" at the St. George Municpal Airport this Saturday and Sunday.

Since the Blue Angels arrive you can see them flying over st George practicing their rolling maneuvers and some of them tell me St. George is among their favorite places to fly.

"Look around, the environment the atmosphere is unbelievable," said Lt.Mark Tedrow, Blue Angel Pilot #6

Lt. Tedrow a Pilot for the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squad, the Blue Angles for the last 3 years says flying in Southern Utah is truly unique.

"i've never flown in a place t hat quite like this before where you have all the different mountain ranges and that kind of thing," He goes on to say "We never get to fly shows quite like this."

At 32 years old Lt. Tedrow has 2,000 hours flying and has been in the Military for 10 years. He says being a Blue Angel is truly a dream come true.

"Everyday you wake up and you put in the blue suit and your kind of like wow this is actually for real ya know, said Lt. Tedrow.

AS pilot #6 Lt. Tedrow does the shows maximum performance maneuvers along with #5 and says his favorite is the "Sneak Pass," said Lt. Tedrow.

"Blue angel 5comes from the left and he'll sneak in front of the crowd from left to right and then just when the crowds kind of recovering from that I come from behind and i sneak up again. He goes on to say "I watch the crowds reaction , it's hilarious every time because you see people scream you see people dive for cover people laugh and that kind of thing. So every time I come in I say to myself i'm gonna get them really good today," said Lt. Tedrow.

Aside from the fun, it's an up close look at an F/A-18 Hornet , which is still used in military combat today.

"The hornet is an amazing air craft it's san F/A 18 Hornet which means it's capable of fighter and attack roles which a lot of planes can't do." These the legacy version are still operational throughout the Marine Corps. Their are a few squadrons still left in the Navy where their flying on and off carriers everyday and their going into combat doing combat missions," said Lt. Tedrow.

So, if you want to see a unique airshow in a unique place to fly, head down to St. George for the air show it's sure to amaze you.

"I think for this weekend the crowds gonna see a little bit different show, a little more spectacular, so it should be fun! said Lt. Tedrow.

For more information on the Thunder over Utah air show and how to get tickets visit

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