Accused BYU Groper claims he's innocent

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The man accused of groping more than a dozen students on the campus of BYU was in court Thursday. Nathan Fletcher is facing sexual battery charges and spoke to the media, for the first time.

“I’m just looking forward to our day in court...I haven't done anything wrong,” said Nathan Fletcher who was accompanied by his wife and family at the 4th District Court in Provo.

Fletcher, 23, a BYU student, claims he's innocent despite being identified by BYU police and female victims. He's accused in 14 different incidents from January to March of this year. In court Fletcher didn't say a word, but his attorney John Allen, who claims police have the wrong guy was granted more time by Judge Steven Hansen.

“There are a lot of witnesses in this case and I would like to know who they are subpoenaing to the preliminary hearing in case I want to issue subpoenas of my own,” said Allen.

Allan says he also needs to take a closer look at surveillance video from campus that police say show his client. “I still believe there’s a lot of reasonable doubt left here with the videos that I have and that's why we are moving on to a preliminary hearing,” said Allan.

The attorney says he still needs permission from BYU's ban committee to escort his client onto campus so he can get a better idea of where things took place. BYU banned Fletcher from campus after the charges were filed. “I was working three jobs, I was volunteering at two places, attending BYU full-time and now I cant' go to school cant work at any of my jobs, cant' volunteer at any of those places anymore,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher's next scheduled appearance is set for August 28th for a preliminary hearing at the 4th District Judicial Center.

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