16-year-old murder victim's mother speaks out against violence

TOOELE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Nearly three years to the day of her daughter's disappearance Celia Costanzo shared her story of losing her 16-year-old daughter Micaela in a brutal murder.


The body of Micaela Costanzo was found buried in a shallow grave five miles west of Wendover in 2011. Toni Fratro and Kody Patten were convicted of her murder. Celia says had she known then what she knows now she would have taken more seriously the bullying and threats Fratto and Patten we're making against her daughter.


"Both Kody and Toni were very much in to the verbal bullying, 'we don't like you, we hate you, we wish you weren't here,'" explained Costanzo. "Things like that you would normally say ignore it or go past it."


That's why she's speaking out and telling her story in the hopes that when people see something they say something.


"We as school principals, counselors, parents, friends and family we have to be proactive to protect our children," said Costanzo.


Protecting children is what Bikers Against Child Abuse is all about. B.A.C.A. members were out searching for Micaela when she went missing and Friday night surrounded her mother as she shared her story.


"I want, along with B.A.C.A., if Micaela's story just helps one child, whether it's a parent or a teacher, that can recognize something that's going on with their own child, with a student, if it can save one person or help one child then it's all worth it," said Costanzo. 

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