Woman charged with helping shooting suspect evade police

IVINS, Utah (News4Utah) - A woman faces charges after police say she helped a suspect evade law enforcement for days after a shooting.

Police say Keria Jessica Hartley-Johnson, 35, helped Justin Llewelyn avoid police capture in the days following a shooting in the Herriman/ Riverton area.

A warrant was issued for Johnson, who is Llewelyn’s aunt, and she was taken into custody by police in Ivins, Utah. Polices say on January 20, Llewelyn, 33, shot a Unified police officers, shot a civilian and fled in the civilian’s vehicle.

The shooting spurred a massive manhunt in the Herriman/Riverton area. Llewelyn was able to avoid arrest until January 24 when he was taken into custody after a police chase through Utah County.

According to a probable cause statement, on January 20, a friend of the Llewelyn family (who has not been identified) heard Hartley-Johnson brag about how they “already had him [Justin Llewelyn] moved before they [the police] showed up.”

The family friend goes on to tell investigators that he and Hartley-Johnson picked up Llewelyn later that evening. They drove to a hotel in Springville where Hartley-Johnson rented a hotel room for them all. Hartley-Johnson then began making plans to transport Llewelyn to Beaver Dam, Utah. She also allegedly bought Llewelyn a cell phone.

On January 21, the family friend returned to Salt Lake County and began cooperating with police efforts to find Llewelyn. Police say on January 24, the friend received a voicemail from Hartley-Johnson threatening him with violence and advising him to run and hide.

Hartley-Johnson was charged with obstructing justice and retaliation against a witness, victim or informant.

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