Why North Korea is now a bigger threat to the United States than Russia

3/5/2018 - A big Cybersecurity firm now says North Korea is a bigger threat than Russia. Our Cybersecurity expert and Utah Valley University Professor Robert Jorgensen, joined Emily Clark, to talk about why.

Last week, cybersecurity company Crowdstrike released their Global Threat Report. Their CTO, Dmitri Alperovitch stated that his biggest worry is North Korea, not Russia. Why is he saying that?

Crowdstrike produces a lot of threat intelligence and works to attribute attacks for various actors. Often these actors are nation-states, such as China, Russia, and North Korea. One thing that's been noticed is a substantial uptick in attacks attributed to North Korea over the last several months.

The WannaCry ransomware attack that happened last spring crippled hundreds of thousands of computers and has been attributed to the Lazarus Group, which has been associated with the North Korean government.

Brian asked Jorgensen how this makes North Korea different than Russia? Jorgensen says as we've seen with Russia, most of their attacks we're aware of have been focused on stealing information and running disinformation campaigns. While there is some cybercrime associated with the Russians, it seems that cybercrime is one of the major funding sources for North Korea's military development, including their missile program. Crowdstrike's report also suggests that North Korea is positioning itself to attack the infrastructure of the United States in the event tensions continue to escalate.

So what can people and business do to protect themselves? For individual users, the best thing Jorgensen says to do is to keep your devices updated. For businesses, they need to look at cybersecurity as any other kind of business risk and make plans to deal with it. The Salt Lake Chamber's Cybersecurity Conference on the 15th will have some good information.

For more information on our nation's Cybersecurity, visit UVU.edu/CyberSecurity

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