What you didn't know about the Supreme Court with Judge Ted Stewart

09/26/2017 - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) The Supreme Court in our country has made some of the biggest decisions the world has ever seen. Whether that is the recent travel ban, same-sex marriage, civil rights. Our country is shaped thanks to the supreme courts decision.

Senior U.S. District Judge and New York Times best selling author Judge Ted Stewart joined Good Morning Utah with Brian Carlson to talk to us about some of the policies and decision making that goes into the supreme court.

 The Supreme Court has greater far-reaching influence on Americans than the president or Congress. Supreme Court justices typically serve for decades and their decisions are precedent setting. Few decisions are ever overruled. Neither Congress nor the president can change, reject or ignore a Supreme Court ruling. The Court consists of nine unelected men and women. Decisions are increasingly a 5-4 split, thereby giving just five people judicial power over 320 million Americans.

The Supreme Court's power has evolved since initially being created by our Founding Fathers.
The three-branch form of government was created with protective "checks and balances," established to ensure our self-governance.
The checks are weakening. Judge Stewart recounts how the Supreme Court has vastly expanded the interpretation of law gaining greater influence with its decisions.
The balance of power among the three branches is being tipped in favor of the Supreme Court

Judge Stewart looks at seven pivotal Supreme Court decisions, thought initially to be narrow in scope, and shows how they're now affecting public policy in everything from health care to civil rights, from abortion to marriage.

What does a century-old decision on bakers' working hours have to do with abortion rights today?
What role did the Supreme Court play in sanctioning racism?
How did a nation founded by devout men and women come to ban religion from the public arena?
How did the Court empower judges to raise taxes, manage school districts, and generally work their will?

Ted Stewart will be signing books:
Wed., Sept. 27, from 7 - 8 p.m. at Deseret Book in Logan and Sat., Sept. 30, from 4 - 5:30 p.m. at the Downtown Deseret Book in Salt Lake City.

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