What do crazy costumes, democratic delicacies, and millennials all have in common?

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A new non-profit group is pulling out all the stops to improve voter turnout among millennials this election. 
While Monday evening's gubernatorial and presidential debates highlighted key differences between candidates, they all agreed on one thing -- the need for people to vote.  Tuesday, organizations across the country are trying to make sure that happens this November, as part of National Voter Registration Day.  In Utah, the 'Voterise' organization is taking an aggressive approach at recruiting millennial voters in particular. 
Voterise partnered up local colleges and businesses to offer quick, easy access to voting registration.
Flaunting flashy costumes and democratic delacacies, student leaders at Salt Lake Community College in Taylorsville took their classmates by storm. 
"It is something that I probably should pay a little more attention to," smiled Marcos Aragon, a SLCC student. 
"Both of the candidates kind of freak me out," said Kennedy Orellana, another SLCC student.
"I'll keep watching the debates and more and more, I'm getting ideas who to vote for," said Prince Manneh, a first-time voter from West Liberia. 
According to Voterise, last election only 8 percent of Utah millennials actually cast a ballot.
"Forty percent of unregistered voters in Utah are millennials, so we thought, 'What a great target, and what an important election,'" explained Judi Hilman, Executive Director of Voterise. 
Hilman is now trying to make registering as easy as possible. 
"You can actually register to vote.  All you do is text 'voterise' to 788-683, and you're in!" she smiled. 
In addition to organizing college events like the one at SLCC, Hilman's group is also targeting companies like Overstock.com. 
"We have extended an invitation to all Overstock.com employees to come and register," said Ginger Bower, Vice President of Marketing for Overstock.com.
Hundreds of employees at the new Overstock Peace Coliseum building took a quick break to register, Tuesday, through Voterise.
"It was so easy.  It took like five minutes," one employee said. 
Now, all that the newly registered voters have to do is to decide what issues are most important to them and then make their selections before or on election day.
Voterise plans on registering up to 3,000 young voters by the end of the day, Tuesday.

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