WEB EXCLUSIVE: How to build effective relationships at work

Author, Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President of FranklinCovey, Todd Davis joined Good4Utah's Nicea DeGering for a special web exclusive interview that anyone who communicates with other humans will find useful.

In his new book, Get Better: 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work, Davis provides 15 clear and actionable practices for improving relationships at work and fostering the best internal relationships within an organization. He also describes the most common relationship pitfalls that negatively affect personal careers and organizational results and includes solutions on how to overcome them.

Some of the crucial lessons readers will learn include:

  • “Wear Glasses That Work” – understand the quality of relationships and how to evaluate them
  • “Carry Your Own Weather” – look inward instead of outward, determining your own attitude based on what you value, no matter what storm happens to break overhead
  • “Behave Your Way to Credibility” – take the long-term approach to earning credibility
  • “See the Tree Not Just the Seedling” – recognize potential in others and help them to succeed
  • “Think We, Not Me” – come together and leverage the strengths of all
  • “Avoid the Pinball Machine” – differentiate between urgency and importance to increase productivity and avoid unnecessary chaos

Get Better is ideal for professionals at all levels of business, from intern to CEO, in any industry. Davis draws upon his 30 years of experience observing, leading, and coaching others, while sharing real-world stories and relatable experiences to illustrate the timely lessons and take- aways for achieving the most effective business relationships. Written in his engaging and often witty style, Davis’ proven practices encourage individuals to take ownership of their work, improve the quality of interactions with others, and master the skills of effective relationships at work and at home.

You can purchase Get Better on Amazon. The hardcover will be available Nov. 7, 2017.

Click here for more information.

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