Walmart, Utah agencies address beaver pond problems

LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) A major retailer in Cache County now has a solution to its beaver pond problems. 
Since it opened, the south Logan Walmart store has been dealing with flooding because of beavers that created a pond nearby. 
That pond at times has gotten full of water and threatened nearby roads and the store. Instead of trapping and removing the beavers, Walmart worked with local agencies to keep them around, but also protect the area. 
The solution is a pond leveler. 
"A pond leveler keeps the water from reaching above a certain level that we consider potential to cause harm," said Nick Bouwes with Eco Logical Research Inc. 
The hope is that the pond leveler will let the beavers stick around providing a list of benefits to both the ecosystem and the human infrastructure. 
"Beavers, they create these ponds that recharges ground water.  It slowly releases water throughout the summer, so it stores water but also delivers it in low water periods during the summer. It creates wetlands far cheaper than we can create wetlands... Which we often have to do.  And that creates habitats for birds, creates habitats for fish... Other mammals.... And all sorts of vegetation," said Bouwes. 
Walmart hopes that by keeping the pond, it will create a viewing area where people can watch those birds, fish and if lucky even spot one of the beavers. 

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