Vanished Scooter has Surprise Ending

Motorized Wheelchair of former conjoined twin disappears from Seminary School

BOUNTIFUL, UT (ABC4UTAH) -- A junior high school student thought her motorized wheel chair had been stolen.
But while ABC4 interviews the mother, who is desperately searching for the scooter, finds an outcome no one expected.

While the mother is being interviewed someone from the seminary school in Bountiful says they may know where this scooter is, a scooter that means a lot to this family.
Erin Herrin, Mother, "it means independence. It means they can just jump on it and go wherever they want, when they need to, anytime they want to and it means they can get a proper education without being exhausted going from class to class."

Erin Herrin is mother to 14-year-old Kendra and Malia. You may remember the conjoined twins who were separated at 4-years-old.  The twins were even featured on Oprah.

They each have one leg to stand on and recently they each got a motorized wheelchair. The scooters help them get around South Davis Junior High School in Bountiful and get to seminary school located next door.
Kendra's scooter is parked outside the doors of the seminary school everyday, but on Monday ,it went disappeared.

Herrin, "I can't believe someone would take it. It may be worth something, money-wise, to us it's priceless."

Erin spent hours, on the phone, driving around the neighborhood and talking with school officials. She even printed fliers.

ABC4 was in the middle of interviewing mom, when someone from the seminary's maintenance department started inquiring and tipped us off.

Minutes after that conversation, we were led closer to solving the mystery of the missing scooter.

The maintenance department says they thought it was trash because the scooter had been parked across the parking lot by this dumpster and not near the front door.

A couple of hours later, the precious scooter is found and returned right back where it went missing.

Mom says if it weren't for ABC4 being there at the right time at the right place, she might still be searching for that scooter.

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