Utah woman suspends VW Beetle in a tree

She considers it lawn art and is fighting the Clearfield City Council to keep it

CLEARFIELD (News4Utah) - Janis Zettel owns the '73 Super Beetle named Lucy and suspended her in a tree using a fork lift. Zettels considers the car to be a work of art, but the city disagrees. 

Lucy the car is completely gutted and bolted to the tree about 15 feet off the ground. She's painted red with black polka-dots and big round eyes. Zettles says, "Its art, its not a car anymore, not a vehicle anymore, its just a fun whimsical thing."

But the City of Clearfield disagrees. After a complaint, the city has issued Zettles an order to take the car down on the grounds that it is a "nuisance vehicle." Assistant Chief of Police Kelly Bennet explained, "A nuisance vehicle by our ordinance is any vehicle that is inoperable, that is dismantled, partially dismantled, or has an expired registration over 180 days."

Bennet says that even if Lucy was on the ground, the same rules would apply. 

Zettles and friends spoke to the City Council Tuesday night and the council agreed to look further into the matter, specifically the state definition of a motor vehicle. Their decision could take weeks. 

"I think its art and people should have a right to display their art and enjoy it,' said Zettles. She's started a petition to gain support of her Beetle art, more than 800 people have signed it as of Wednesday evening. 


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