Utah Recycling Alliance hosts a 'Fix-It Clinic'

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Dozens of people saved some money and did something for the environment today at The Leonardo downtown.


It’s called a ‘fix-it clinic’. The Utah Recycling Alliance teamed up with The Leonardo to have people bring in broken "stuff" and learn how to fix it with the advice of some experts.  Everything from furniture to electronics.


Morgan Bowerman, of the Utah Recycling Alliance, says “It saves people money because often time’s people look at getting stuff fixed and it’s more expensive to get it fixed than to just buy a new one. So we have this throw away culture, where it breaks and we throw it away and we buy new. And that uses resources that we don’t need to use. And it also fills up our landfill with stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to be there.”


They're holding this event quarterly. The next one will be in September. And, if it catches on, they'll do it more frequently. 



For more information you can visit Utah Recycling Alliance’s website at www.utahrecylingalliance.org

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